Axel De Macq, Graphic Designer

… is currently working for Graphis as a graphic designer. Graphis is the voice of significant visual works since 1944. Originated by swiss graphic designer Walter Herdeg, the Graphis legacy was transmitted to New York-based B. Martin Pedersen in the ’80s, conveying additionally to the magazines excellence in numerous annual books.

… has worked as an intern at the design consulting agency Gottschalk + Ash Intl’. Lead by a common vision to strive for efficient and tailored graphic design, Fritz Gottschalk from Switzerland and Stuart Ash from Canada have been realizing distinguished graphical work since the mid ’60s. Today’s office in Zurich is lead by Sascha Lötscher and Fritz Gottschalk, who ever so apply in their designs highest quality handcraft.

… studied communication design in Halle (Saale), Germany, and photography in Cluj-Napoca, Romania after attending an intership and a preparatory course in Berlin. In his free time, he worked as an independant graphic designer with diverse institutions and companies.

Disclaimer: he is neither responsible for the content of the websites-links, nor for the left-unjustified, right-rugged text. But he welcomes you to contact him by mail
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