(2012–RO) Opening: Blind Photography @ International Romanian Photo Festival

Vernissage of the photographic series “Blind Photography” during the International Romanian Photo Festival at the Librarium in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

(2012–RO) Participation: International Romanian Photo Festival

On Saturday, May 19th 2012, my exhibition about “Blind Photography” will be opened to the public during the International Romanian Photo Festival, at the famous romanian bookstore Librarium in Cluj-Napoca at 15:00 p.m. (GMT+2).

International Romanian Photo Festival Poster

(2012–DE) Visualizations of a backpack

A good backpack keeps many pockets opened for practical use, while not overloading the visual- and haptic touch of it. Visualizations of a backpack are graphical works, focussing on creative possibilities to understand the main principles of a backpack, keeping it short and simple – yet somehow alienated …

(2012–DE) Leipziger book fair

Leipzig — one of the most intact postwar cities in Germany, is not only famous for the residence of compositor Johann Sebastian Bach and WWII-resistant Carl Friedrich Goerdeler – but as well for its unique involvement with books. The international reputed book fair in Leipzig takes place from the 15th—18th of March 2012. The book fair in Leipzig has a German and European wide impact on literature, media and journalism. 

Visitors have a great opportunity to discover new works and meet other interested visitors, publishing houses, authors and journalists!

And again, like last year, there will be free postcards of mine at the stand of the University for Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein. Enjoy and good reading!

(2012–DE) Typebar

Typebar is a fictional bar with a fictional menu offer of diverse drinks. The whole idea was to create a menu for a ecological-confident and cozy clientele – which explains the wooden shaft out of beautiful makore-wood and the entirely-recycled paper for print.

Save Roşia Montana

Save Roşia Montana is a movement I’d like to draw your attention on. It currently is encountering some difficulty getting spread through media because of political difficulties.

Roşia Montana is a remarkably old village threatened by extinction due of mining-systems in the Carpathian mountain chain in Romania and the biggest gold source in Europe.