Axel De Macq • Graphic Designer
… is at the moment employed as an intern at Gottschalk + Ash International.
Also known as G+A Intl’, it was founded by Fritz Gottschalk from Switzerland, and Stuart Ash from Canada in the mid ’60s, lead by a common vision to strive for efficient and tailored graphic design. Today’s office is lead by Sascha Lötscher and Fritz Gottschalk.

… studied communication design in Halle (Saale), Germany, and photography in Cluj-Napoca, Romania after attending an intership and a preparatory course in Berlin. In his free time, he worked as an independant graphic designer with diverse institutions and companies.

Disclaimer: he is neither responsible for the websites linked enclosed, nor is he for the flow of the unjustified text, but welcomes you to contact him by mail
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